CarboHydroM and Matheus Manente - “Arcade of the Stars” (WCW​/​nWo Revenge)

from by Patient Corgi

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“I spent a lot of time between 1997 and 2001 playing the N64. I started with games like Turok and Super Mario 64, enjoyed the first 3D opuses of Zelda and F-Zero, played pretty much every Rare game I could find even though I was supposed to sleep or do homework, and I have fantastic memories of playing games with 3 friends during whole afternoons. Those were my N64 days. Joining this tribute compilation is my way to show my appreciation toward this gaming system. I hope everybody who hears it enjoys listening to our tracks, and be recalled of their own fondest memories of the N64.
This track had been in my own bingo list for years, pretty much since the time I played the game during my late teen years. I used to find it totally hilarious when played with 3 friends, and for long fights to select the stage with the best music for my tastes, ‘Starrcade’. With this upcoming N64 Tribute Album, the time to cover obscure sources like this one had come, so I got onto it, and contacted Matheus so that he could join the effort like I did for him on ‘Sound Waves’, last year's Ecco The Dolphin tribute compilation.
One full loop of the track has a decent length, so on the arrangement end I only had to spice it up a bit with more details. The whole song being written in neverending 4/4s with a steady bass line, I decided to go for the ‘80s vibe, and got a few synthwave instruments to back those you could hear in the original. So mostly a synth bass, and oscillators-driven sounds like the one that plays the ostinato during the song, as well the complementary Jump-ish synths that you can hear in the choruses. The drums are based on a V-drums machine emulation, that sounds very reminiscent of bands like The Alan Parsons Project. As for guitars, I relied a lot on stereo delay, to let the song breathe where you could hear long treble notes in the original. Matheus brought a very full bass line for backbone, which I aligned my synth bass one to, and added solos. In the end the mix was pretty busy, but it turned out great.
The fun fact is that most of the people who heard the song here in France while I was working on it grew fed up with it quite fast. So I’d recommend not listening to it too often!”
— Christophe Blondel (CarboHydroM)


from Tribute Album 64, released September 29, 2016
Performed by Christophe Blondel (CarboHydroM) – Guitars
◦ Matheus Manente – Bass, Guitar
Arrangement and Mixing by Christophe Blondel (CarboHydroM)
Based on “Starrcade” from WCW/nWo Revenge, Composed by Kouji Niikura and Yukie Sugawara




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