Tim Rosko - “DK Rap” (Donkey Kong 64)

from by Patient Corgi

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“The Nintendo 64 had such a huge influence in my childhood, so when the opportunity to contribute to the Tribute 64 album appeared, I HAD to jump on it! There were so many games and potential tracks that piqued my interest and tugged at my nostalgic heartstrings, but when I saw that the DK Rap had not yet been claimed, my fate was sealed—I knew I had to do the DK Rap. Originally, I didn't think that the DK Rap would work as an a cappella track. But once I got started recording, I was just having too much fun making ridiculous noises to stop. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this blast from the past as sung by my face!”
— Tim Rosko



Here we go!

So they’re finally here performing for you
If you know the words, you can join in too!
Put your hands together if you want to clap
As we take you through this monkey rap! HUH!
D.K. Donkey Kong!

He’s the leader of the bunch, you know him well
He’s finally back to kick some tail
His coconut gun can fire in spurts
If he shoots ya, it’s gonna hurt!
He’s bigger, faster, and stronger too
He’s the first member of the D.K. Crew! HUH!
D.K. Donkey Kong!
D.K. Donkey Kong is here!

This Kong’s got style, so listen up dudes
She can shrink in size to suit her mood
She’s quick and nimble when she needs to be
She can float through the air and climb up trees
If you choose her, you’ll not choose wrong
With a skip and a hop, she’s one cool Kong! HUH!
D.K. Donkey Kong!

He has no style, he has no grace
This Kong has a funny face
He can handstand when he needs to
And stretch his arms out just for you
Inflate himself just like a balloon
This crazy Kong just digs this tune! HUH!
D.K. Donkey Kong!
D.K. Donkey Kong is here!

He’s back again and about time too
And this time he’s in the mood
He can fly real high with his jet-pack on
With his pistols out, he’s one tough Kong!
He’ll make you smile when he plays his tune
But Kremlings beware ‘cause he’s after you! HUH!
D.K. Donkey Kong!

Finally, he’s here for you
It’s the last member of the D.K. Crew!
This Kong’s so strong it isn't funny
Can make a Kremling cry out for mummy
Can pick up a boulder with relative ease
Makes crushing rocks seem such a breeze
He may move slow, he can’t jump high
But this Kong's one hell of a guy! HUH!

Come on Cranky, take it to the fridge!
Walnuts, Peanuts, Pineapple smells,
Grapes, Melons, Oranges, and Coconut Shells! Aw yeah!
Walnuts, Peanuts, Pineapple smells,
Grapes, Melons, Oranges, and Coconut Shells! Aw yeah!


from Tribute Album 64, released September 29, 2016
Performed by Tim Rosko – Vocals
Arrangement and Mixing by Tim Rosko
Based on “DK Rap” from Donkey Kong 64, Composed by Grant Kirkhope
Lyrics by George Andreas




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