Rozen - “Inside the Castle Walls (feat. Reven​)​” (Super Mario 64)

from by Patient Corgi

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“I’ll never forget my reaction to finding a Nintendo 64 hidden under the Christmas tree; I ran back upstairs in pure excitement and tried to wake my younger brother up, who wasn’t so thrilled about that, but I told him over and over that he would not be disappointed and dragged him downstairs. There it was lying under the tree, the colorful box of wonders to be discovered—I remember I inspected everything inside carefully, waiting for my parents to be up already so they could help me hook it up to the TV.
And that's when I heard one of the most iconic voices of all time, greeting me with an ‘It’s-a me, Mario.’ I was already in love with the game. The whimsical sounds, colors, and the all-new 3D environment waiting to be explored. I could not contain myself. I had to run to that big-ass castle in the distance.
My track ‘Inside Castle Walls’ was made with those feelings of my inner child in mind. It’s about the discovery of something new, the constant emotion of awe when you're young and just about anything surprises you. Opening the doors of the castle and realizing how big and bright it is. Playful and mysterious paintings hanging on the walls, coins floating everywhere, rabbits running around and even ghosts hiding dark secrets in the gardens.”
— Rozen


from Tribute Album 64, released September 29, 2016
Performed by Reven – Vocals
Arrangement and Mixing by Rozen
Based on “Opening” and “Inside the Castle Walls” from Super Mario 64, Composed by Koji Kondo




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